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Sceenshots of the mobile application

Map without trails and recorded position information


The user's current position is given by the black arrow, origin is blue, destination is black/white. There is no route from origin to destination, because we don't have any recored position information yet.

Map without trails but recorded position information


The user moved down the road and then back again. He also switched road sides. The blue spots mark the recorded position information.

Map with trails generated with recorded position information


After the recorded information were transferred to the server the trail detection algorithmn generated some new trails. The updated map data were then transferred back to the client with the automatic sync mechanism and were shown as blue lines on the map.

Map with trails generated with recorded position information of all users


Over the time more and more useres moved along and collected position data. We have a lot more trails and now routing from start address to destination address is possible and shown as green lines.

Point of interest


The user took a picture about some steps and provides them as point of interest to all other users.


The user's friends are shown in a list. He choose a name and send a message to his friend and also receive messages from his friends.


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